Yes, Molded Fiber Can Be PFA-Free!

MxG Fiber has eliminated PFAs (polyfluoroalkyl chemicals) in all of its packaging and is offering two solutions for grease resistance – a spray coating or an additive to the fiber. Contact us today to find out what solution is appropriate for your needs. 

MxG Fiber has worked relentlessly to solve this problem and has now completely eliminated all petroleum based products in its entire supply chain.  We start with the most sustainable rapidly renewable fiber available (Miscanthus), which comes from a perennial crop grown on non-food acres.  We then convert that fiber into pulp using a process that is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional chemical pulp (Kraft pulping).  Finally, we convert the sustainable pulp into your packaging using a 100% biobased recipe to create water and grease resistance so it performs the way consumers expect, but without compromising the environment or your health!