America is just beginning to realize the enormous potential of aligning sustainable agricultural with advanced manufacturing.  However, producing Made in the USA sustainable products requires subject matter expertise that encompasses farming, storage, logistics, engineering, product development, and manufacturing.

MxG Fiber’s management team founded Aloterra in 2010 to lead this effort. We began by developing the first commercial scale Miscanthus crop operation in North America.  The team leveraged a USDA program to plant over 20,000 acres in 4 Midwest states.  In the subsequent decade our team developed critical expertise in commercializing several perennial crops, which includes the establishment, care, harvesting, storage, and processing of these sustainable crops that thrive on non-food acres.   


Our research and development efforts have now produced several product lines and the establishment of three manufacturing facilities in the Midwest.  The third facility, launched in 2015, was the world’s first Miscanthus pulping and molded fiber packaging manufacturing facility. That facility was sold in 2017.

We are now launching our fourth facility which merges all of our knowledge and efforts of the last decade.  This facility will be the largest project in the world that produces sustainable packaging from Miscanthus, a rapidly renewable perennial crop which is sourced from marginal non-food acres. 

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