Beyond Sustainability

Packaging for a Changing World

MxG Fiber Products are PFA-free!


Consumers are demanding sustainability - especially in packaging. 

Beyond just sustainability, businesses also need quality, reliability, and  traceability.

MxG Fiber manufactures reliable, high quality, cost effective, safe, and fully traceable packaging. Our products are not impacted by trade or logistics issues, because we are 100% made in the U.S.A. and vertically integrated with a dedicated fiber supply from America’s farming communities. 

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Since 2010 the MxG Fiber management team has established itself as the leading innovator in US non-wood fiber supply and product manufacturing. They were directly responsible for receiving 4 of the 11 USDA Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) grants totaling more than $20 million for the establishment of Miscanthus. The team leveraged these supplies to build 3 manufacturing facilities and brought 5 new products to the market including the world's first Miscanthus molded fiber products. 

MxG's mission is to expand the use of Miscanthus and other non-wood fibers to replace non-renewable sources with high quality products that are price competitive. 

MxG is now launching a new Miscanthus molded fiber facility utilizing the most advanced pulping and molding technology available to offer its customers truly sustainable molded fiber produced in the U.S.